Graduation work

Reminisce is a multiscreen video installation that shows the disarray when it comes to the search for lost memories. Many of Eileen’s childhood memories, which include her parents and family life, disappeared after her parents divorced when she was 13 years old. Her memories are now told to her by family and friends but to what extent are these stories reality?

In Reminisce, Eileen reflects with the help of three screens and one audio track on stories that are told to her by others. The limitation to only being able to see two out of three screens at the same time contributes to forming a realistic story, in which you constantly wonder if you might have missed something. Through graphically moving portraits, the fundamental shared events with her brother and sister and the use of symbolism, she shapes her search for the lost memories.

You can “play” the online version of this work through the link below. This version only works with Google Chrome.

Reminisce by eileendbk
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